Circle Rigid Cuff

Rhodium Plated Silver Bracelet  Peridot and Sapphires

Eur 400,00

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 The geometric element as a distinctive sign is intended here as a formal choice or as the combinations of materials and colours.  The silver finish alters and further enhances the different incidence of the light captured by the stones with each movement.

Eur 400,00


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Silver, Rhodium Plated, Peridot and Sapphires Handmade in Italy

Care and Maintenance

To preserve their beauty, it is advisable to treat them with extreme care and handle them gently. Using the right precautions for use and maintenance, your jewelry will remain in perfect condition for a long period of time. Keeping the silver in the Maitai Jewels box supplied with your purchase will help to avoid oxidation.

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Personalised engraving, Stone replacement, Polishing, Rhodium Plating


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