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The world presented in the Maitai Jewels is made of different perceptions. The geometric linearity and vibrant permeability of natural elements create works, in which hybridization becomes a distinctive elements. Sometimes, certain combinations and asymmetries alters our perception, in order to suggest that in these points could be concealing something more discover.

Il mondo presentato nei gioielli Maitai Jewels e fatto di percezioni diverse. La linearità geometrica e la vibrante permeabilità degli elementi naturali creano opere in cui l’ibridazione diventa un elemento distintivo. A volte, certe combinazioni e asimmetrie alterano la nostra percezione, al fine di suggerire che in quei punti si potrebbe nascondere qualcosa in più da scoprire.



Circle ring

Rhodium Plated Silver Ring 



maitai jewels - leaves necklace

Leaves necklace

Silver, Perspex and Brown Diamonds

Black Swan collection

Symbol of the strong legacy between the feminine mind and its mysterious darkness. The Composition present an asymmetrical apperance that with great elegance guides the eye delicately from one point of the ornament to another until it lingers on the line of plumage, wher black and white diamonds are sinuously set on a black rhodium coated silver.

Simbolo del forte legame tra il mondo mentale femminile e la sua misteriosa oscurità. La creazione presenta una morbida asimmetria che con grande eleganza guida l’occhio delicatamente da un punto dell’ornamento all’altro, fino a quando non indugia sulla linea del piumaggio, dove i diamanti sono sinuosamente incastonati.


Morena Fregonese is a psychologist born in Olten, Switzerland, who moved to Rome. Thanks to her liberal education she explores her interest in numerous artistic and architectural languages. Her observation of natural environments, and the need to experiment new forms of creativity and dexterity, lead her to attend the Scuola di Design e del Monile Etico and the Scuola di Arti Ornamentali in Rome, taking the Goldsmithing courses, completing her knowledge of goldsmith techniques, like processing lost wax.
The world presented in the jewels of Morena Fregonese, an enthusiastic traveller, is made of different perceptions, the desire of letting yourself be influenced by what comes from afar: the Pacific seas, the East and many more places visited in the world represent her main source of inspiration.

The jewel: it’s a unique and one-off fragment of my personal universe; feelings that the mind perceives, disassembles, and transforms into a physical entity.

The geometric linearity and vibrant permeability of natural elements create works in which hybridization becomes a distinctive feature.
In Tahitianmaita’i” means “good”, the sweet and simple sound is bound to everything that can be in harmony with our world and our feelings. Behind her creations lies a planned work, where research is accompanied by aesthetic and experimentation.
The Maitai Style is inspired by a sophisticated, light, curious and creative woman. Many of her creations are in limited edition, to preserve its exclusive and artistic value.